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Hey guys! Thanks for visiting my page. I ship Finchel/Monchele as my OTPs and support nearly every Glee couple. I'm also an amateur gif maker/photo editor

RIP Cory.
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It’s so hard being a Wicked and OUAT fan.

Regina: “I think I’d remember if my mother told me she had a love child (Zelena aka the Wicked Witch of the West aka Elphie) with the scarecrow” (aka Fiyero)

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I wrote an essay on Wicked for my literature class. My teacher and I fangirled together for like 10 minutes

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Fiyeraba feels. I think I have a problem

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To the people still complaining about Disney whitewashing Frozen

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I told my mom that Idina plays a lesbian in Rent and she was very distressed by it.

I don’t think she wants to watch it anymore lol

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Damn you Graceland and your amazing cliffhangers!

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If you don’t think that Willemijn is one of the best damn Elphaba’s, then you’re fucking wrong

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The more Glee goes on, the less I like Blaine

Blaine had a crush on Sam up until he proposed to Kurt yet they’re allowed to say friends.

Kurt has a pure platonic relationship with Elliot and Blaine flips shit. REALLY?!?!

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Quinn Fabray in a nutshell

Quinn Fabray in a nutshell


I don’t know what sick part of my brain thought this was a good idea, but I did it any way. Elsa/Shelby talks to Kristoff/Jesse about Anna/Rachel.

Audio is from Glee 1x19 Dream On

Video is from Frozen

In Glee, Idina’s character adopts Quinn and Puck’s baby Beth. In If/Then, one of the names Idina’s character goes by is Beth.

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"Popular Song" lipsynched by the Wicked Cast

If you go to musical-treasures. tumblr. com/wicked (without the spaces) and scroll down, there are links to Willemijn and KRC on Broadway together, and a ton of other performances, hope it helps :)


Thanks so much! :)

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